Why We Do What We Do

We do Individual and Small-Group Training! First session is free for new athletes. Call Sean to schedule an appointment today!


Sean Lawlor and his staff will provide sport specific workouts in small group sessions of 2-4 athletes of similar age and ability


Start with a free evaluation to see what your greatest needs are and where we can start you!

Sean is a form-running specialist and will teach proper technique such as posture, foot striking, head placement, and perfect arm swing. These techniques will be crucial to success on the field. Upon completion of the program you'll be able to move over the ground faster with less effort!

A Typical Workout

Stage 1 - Dynamic Warmup

Dynamic warmup that we call "The Russian Circuit"

Stage 2 - Speed Endurance Training

Speed endurance training designed to achieve maximum results for linear speed and having the conditioning in your muscles to maintain those gains into overtime if necessary

Stage 3 - Agility Training

Agility training designed to enhance lateral movement, a quick first three steps, single leg explosiveness, balance, hand-eye coordination, and range of motion

Stage 4 - Resistance Training

High Repetition Resistance Training designed to enhance strength endurance. You will be strong and maintain strength through the entire competition. Designed to prevent ACL Tears and Concussions

Stage 5 - Core Training

IT ALL COMES FROM THE CORE. Ten to fifteen minutes of core/abdominal training

Every student will be issued a Resist-A-Band. Homework will entail 15-20 minutes of isometric band movements to enhance flexibility on nights we train as well as nights we don't. Nutrition counseling is also offered.

Our goal is to make our athletes gain an UNFAIR advantage over our opponents. Sean was trained by an Olympic Athlete and now passionately passes these techniques on to anyone with the motivation to BE THE BEST!!!

Price: $30 per session

Multi-week workout packages available. Referral programs are also available.